Vintage Everything Cherry Experience – Casey Brewing & Blending – Saturday, August 6

World-renowned sour beer brewer and blender Casey Brewing will be hosting a Vintage Everything Cherry Beer Tasting Experience on Saturday August 6th.

This Experience was specially requested by the Casey Brewing Extended Family membership. Cherries were one of the first fruits Troy ever used for blending. The experience will start with the first sour cherry beer made with cherries that Troy hand-picked himself back in 2014, Balaton Cherry Fruit Stand. He has pulled other blends that highlight the best of the cherry blends they have ever done over the years. He has pulled two different cherry varieties of The Cut, which is Oak Theory, which is aged for up to 14 months in oak barrels and aged on fresh cherries. These are some of the oldest fruited beers in Casey’s cellar that they save for occasions like this. If you love Kriek beers or anything with cherries, then you will love this Experience.

Bottles to be opened-

2016 – The Cut – Danube Sour Cherry
2016 – The Cut – “The Red” Cherry Blend
2014 – Fruit Stand – Balaton
2015 – Fruit Stand – Montmorency Cherry
2019 – Funky Blender Preserves – Cherry, Raspberry, & Vanilla

Date: August 6th, 2022
Session: 11:00am
Cost: $40 + tax
Tickets: 30 tickets
Commemorative stemware is included in the ticket price.
Tickets can be purchased on the Casey Brewing website:

Casey Brewing Barrel Cellar
3421 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
(970) 230-9691